Vita Recipes

Omnifood app on iPhone

Vita Recipes is an approach towards providing young working professionals with a suitable culinary app that would serve as the go-to platform from which they could explore their culinary abilities and the world of gastronomy. As it currently stands there are a number of sources from which users draw their recipes with the internet and family being those which stood out most. Vita's aim is to be the definitive guide for discovering new recipes, drawing its data from several sources, vita is able to provide users with over 300,000 recipes all of which can be tailored to the users dietary needs and preferences.

Understanding the User

Early research consisted of a number of interviews, surveys and card-sorting exercises in order to better understand user needs and values. Participants were asked to give as much detail about the steps invvolved in their sourcing, following and completing of recipes. From this a number of user personas were derived.

Early Sketchs

Treatment and Solution

Following my early research and having identified my user range, I then began to create user flows and storyboards. These flows went through a number of a/b testing phases in order to refine the low fidelity prototypes for further testing.

Early Sketchs

These sketches were then developed into wireframes and further improved by use of inVision and as high fidelity prototypes using Adobe XD.

Early Sketchs

A number of testing rounds with these prototypes were conducted, changing elements of the design based on user feedback.

Early Sketchs

Moving Vita from its prototype stage to its functional version involved further testing and design improvements. This stage was vital to the apps design as testing really informed the final design.

Early Sketchs

Vita went through further ideation and testing throughout the build stage, testing features and the apps Minimal Viable Product. Features had been split into tiers so that the MVP could be prioritized, with some secondary or tertiary features being considered after the MVP.

Some of these features were suggested through testing and were adopted. These features were User history/recently viewed, bug and recipe reporting, the ability to search for recipes based on ingredients to hand.


Vita Recipes was built using standard frontend development technologies using Ionic 4 as the development framework. The apps data was sourced via Spoonacular API, an API which provided the app with a plethora of recipe data from which the goal of the app could be achieved on the back of the various research and testing results both detailed above and more.

The final project uploaded to the App store can be viewed here.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, angular 6, TypeScript, Firebase.