Grange Mobile

Omnifood app on iPhone

The GrangeMobile app is an information services web app for DIT students. It's purpose is to provide students a go to platform on the go from which they can view related course and module information. It uses the google maps API, to provide students directions to city campuses, as well as a Twitter feed to inform students of the latest and trending University related tweets.

Sitemap / wireframe

Sitemap / Wireframe

A simple sitemap was made to generate a visual for the proposed web apps structure. Wireframes which illustrate the early design concept were also produced.


Final App Design

The Design was kept clear and simple. Colours and fonts which complimented the new websites UI were incorporated throughout to maintain coherency across the TUD brand. The UI was handled using bootstrap and jquery.


Grangemobile was built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. The app uses Twitter API to provide up-to-date and trending information about the university. Google maps and places API is incorporated to provide the user with directions to the numerous campus locations around Dublin.