DodoDodger screen

DodoDodger is a mobile game that was developed to rival the popular game Flappy bird. The project was resricted to a three week period in which myself and fellow group member Ricardo O'hara shared the development and design of the game. Throughout the project we followed an iterative design and development plan using Trello to maintain and track our responsibilities and tasks. Weekly sprints were held throughout the games development.


DodoDodger Alpha picture

The Character for this game is the Dodo, an extinct flightless bird who has developed its own flying contraption in a means to survive the world beneath it. The tools used for this project were GameSalad for the games core functionality and development with Illustrator being the core design tool used.

Final Game Footage

This is the final footage of the finalised game. This project along with other game projects developed throughout the Masters course taught me the importance of production and working in a team using Agile methodology.